Saturday, July 11, 2009

New work from the show

Going along with the previous post, here is some new work from the show at Tyson Gallery. I've been experimenting with matting and working in a shallower depth of shadow box, and I feel these were some of my more successful boxes. What do you think?

First up is Green.
He is in camouflage.

Next is Mr. Fancypants. He is decidedly not camouflaged.


And this is the largest piece I've made yet. It's about 2 feet across by i foot down, un-matted. I'd like to do some more large pieces, but with a different method than this. Making a large bird was pretty unwieldy, but I'd love to make a large image that's filled with small birds. Some day soon?
Here is a detail:
I'm thinking some of these shallow-depth pieces would make good prints. Can I gauge your interest? Any suggestions for how to go about it?

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